Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life comes at you fast

I grew up hearing my Dad say this. Well, maybe he only started to say it when I was in my mid-twenties, but much of what my Dad says sticks with me. Some of it I come to realize later on. This is a later on realization.

My youngest son turned 3 yesterday. After his little party and the kids were in bed, I headed back into the office to attack some of the work that I have to do, but just don't have time in the "work day" to do. I came home to a sleeping family and did the fatherly kiss them good-night again rounds, and while starring at my sons in their bunk beds, I heard my Dad's voice ringing in my ears. "Life comes at you fast".

Think about that for a while, you'll be a better person for doing it.

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Christopher Johnson said...

And tomorrow, it comes faster. My babies have been out of the house for awhile now, and I still think of them often as toddlers. Hug 'em while you can. It hurts sometimes when you can't.

If we, as you've suggested, remember this phrase, maybe we can remember to act on the important before the urgent.