Friday, September 11, 2009

Here's something if you're really bored.

While in Fernie this past Labor day weekend, and the children were napping, I started sketching. The weather was quite unsettled, so I thought I might as well setup and do some time lapse photography.

This was the only location I could find to shoot from, out on the porch of my parents condo, and if more options were available (that wouldn’t require much effort) I would have positioned the camera differently so as to avoid the flair in the lens. Oh well.

I love seeing the way clouds develop, and if you’re bored enough, you can watch this and you’ll notice some circular motions to the different clouds as they form and dissipate. Get ready for a intense, action packed video. That way when one comes along, you’ll be prepared. This isn’t it. Cheers.

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