Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Updates are lacking

Well, I’ve been busy lately, and have really thought too much about updating this here blog. I feel I should though, mostly because I like it when other blogs I read are updated the odd person who reads this blog might enjoy it’s updating also.

Not much to say though. Sure there are a few stories I could share, but I’m lacking the photos to go with them, and I hate having posts without pictures. I’m a visual guys, and don’t really like posting without photos.

I’ve been plugging away at updating the garage and bike work area, thinking about how I can re-do the Xtracycle, and I’ve been quite busy at work too. I’ve been getting out on my bikes a lot. Commuting everyday, and even getting a bit regular with the “training” rides. Trying to run or ride everyday for at least an hour at max heart beat. Need to whip my butt into shape.

Stay tuned for some (maybe) interesting content, and in the mean time I’ll answer this question: what happens where there is a long break between blog posts? Life.



Easton Heights Blogger said...

I might be the 'odd' reader who looks for your updates! I shoul take a camera w/ me when I ride. I'd use the phone, but after a year of use, the lens is all dusty under the glass.
so don't worry, someone IS reading your stuff!

Jerome said...

Hey good to know someone reads this! Cheers.