Thursday, October 15, 2009

What a Mutt

I present to you my winter beater. This is the ugliest bike I've ever owned. I king of like it though. If it were stolen, I wouldn't be upset, and the parts are all those of which I am willing to sacrifice to the act of winter commuting in snow, slush, slop and salt. Single speed is a huge bonus for the nasties. Winter here is brutal on a bicycle. We winter cyclist must give up the desire to ride on fine bicycles, enjoy the use of high quality components, and simply come to terms with riding bikes that look like they've been cobbled from the scrap heap. At least that's my take on it. And I mean really, it take 10 minutes maximum for me to get to work. Do I want to destroy my nice bikes, or am I will to have ride junk. I'll ride junk, and leave the nice bikes for nice(r) bike rides.

Schwalbe Snow Studs back in action. Going on their 4th winter. I think this will be the last season for them, if they last all the way through. The studs are seemingly recessed, and they are not as effective as they were when they were new.
Cockpit is pure function. Some old bar/stem combo that's been in my parts bin for a year or so. Why I don't know, I guess I was saving it for this winter.

Selle An-atomica Saddle was a gift from good man Vik. I need to talk to Vik about this. I'm finding that the sides of the leather are pressing into my legs, and it is very uncomfortable after about 5 minutes. Might be a slightly different setup required for the SA, and it might be the fact that this saddle has reached the end of it's usable life, and the tensioner bold only has about 1/4" left until it's maxed.

Also from Vik, and idea. Pop-bottle mud flap. Adds to the ghetto-bike look, and as tested this morning, it's highly effective. Slush and slop everywhere, feet dry and clean. Sweet.


Hughie said...

Nice. We had our first snow/slop storm last night, but it was all gone this morning, nice and dry. So I took my good bike out.
Kind of served as a warning to hurry up and get my beater ready. Still waiting on parts! GAH!

Jerome said...

What kind of parts are you waiting for?

Hughie said...

I ordered a set of thumbies and levers from ebay, should be here next week. Also have horn and front light coming from MEC. ALso have to find time to sandblast/paint the frame and reassemble. Check out my latest entry on the beater, will post another when I put it back together.

I still have a crap load of stuff to buy for winter riding. Studded tires, jacket, pants, base layers etc. Going to cost me a fortune but what can ya do.

GenghisKhan said...

Hey, don't worry--mutts can be just as loving and kind as pure-breds! ;o)

Vik said...

Not sure what could be wrong with the saddle. It may just not suit your body type...=-(

I would set it up like a Brooks with the nose slightly higher than the back end. Then all you can do is tighten and loosen the tension bolt to see if it helps.

Clancy said...


Trying trying your Saddle. Punch a few holes and lace up. More here.

Jerome said...

I might give that a try. Thanks. I've tried it with an old ideal saddle, and I wonder if the SA, with it's large slit in the middle would react differently. A picture of the saddle I did it to is here: