Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back on the Bike

After a little hiatus, it's nice to have a bike parked in the empty office below mine again. Gear update: while in Great Falls, I found a great deal on some Ergon GP1s. I had a set of these babies on my snow bike, and forgot to swap them out when I sold it. That was my first experience with the GP1, and oddly enough, they came on a bike of a guy who was sponsored by Ergon. Dave Nice.

I had thought that set up would be a progression of tweaking mid ride, and it still may be, but form my initial time spent holding onto these things, the just feel good. On a flat bar, I would highly recommend these grips, or even similar designed ones, over standard round grips. These just feel so much better. The pressure on your hands is noticeably spread out over a much larger contact patch and result is great. Two thumbs up for sure.


Peter said...

I've been avoiding these kinds of grips mostly because of old habits. But my hands do get tired over long journeys.

Do they work well if barends are installed?

Jerome said...

Hey Peter, Ergon actually have some models that have bar-ends integrated. This is there latetest, and the large bar-end handle they have: http://www.ergon-bike.com/us/en/product/gc3

They also make a few other smaller bar ends. I used to use bar ends, and then my riding took a turn to much shorter trips. Now I do put in some longer rides, but I just haven't switched back to the bar ends. I thought of it when I was looking for some Ergons, but I figured I'd just stay with what I am good with.

BTW, the profile of these grips make riding for a long time much, much better. Even on rough stuff like gravel, where you can get numb hands from bar buzz, these make huge amounts of difference. I highly recommend them.