Saturday, December 26, 2009

A good Christmas indeed

Family, food and friends. That's what it's about.

I had asked to not receive any presents this year, just because I wanted to know what it felt like, and maybe to help me focus more on the people that are close to me for this Christmas season. By no means am I trying to be a grinch. No one listened to me anyways. My wife and I did decide to tone it down a little this year with what we get each other. It seems that gift giving and get carried away, and it become a matter of who can spend the most money on each other. Now don't get me wrong, I love spending my money on my wife, an
d I love getting lots of great stuff for Christmas, but we both felt like taking it a little easier this year. I'm glad we did.

My wife knit me an incredible sweater (I love her knitting) and I also received the best pair of slippers I've ever owned. UGG slippers. Man, my feet think they are in paradise.

We have a family gift exchange with my wife's brothers and sisters, and I got exactly what I asked for (we had to submit a list, mine had 2 things on it. A B-17 or a unicycle). I was hoping for the unicycle, and I got one! Many hard fall ahead I'm sure, but I'm stoked to learn how to ride. Part of the reason is that I'm sure if I learned how to ride a unicycle well, it would be much easier to learn how to wheelie a fixed gear bike. Something that I desperately want to master. Odd, yes, but maybe it's my way of trying not to let the fact that I've got a mortgage, minivan and 3 kids make me feel old. Don't get me wrong, I love my life, and won't change a thing about it. My children are an incredible source of joy and laughter every single day. I'm getting lines on my face because they make me smile so much. But, I still don't want to loose the cool ya know. I thought about how cool it will be when my son is into bikes (he's already there) and his "old man" and him go ripping it up on the way to school. Certainly a dad who can wheelie a fixie is a cool dad no? So, I'll start with the unicycle. I can
also juggle, and it would be cool to combine the talents, although that would bring me far and away from the "cool dad" objective. Maybe something left for late winter nights in the basement.....

Another great tradition that I would not let go this year (started it last year) was to bring a scale into the dinning room, weigh ourselves right before the meal, and then right after. The one who gains the most pounds wins. Last year I lost out, and it ate at me all year long (sorry for the pun). This year, no matter what it took, I was going to win. It actually wasn't a hard battle. I started out at a respectable 210.8 lbs, and after only a little bit of pain, took victory this year finishing the meal at 216 lbs even. Yup, a weight gain of 5.2 lbs earns me the crown for a year. I shall wear it with pride.
On a slightly related topic, I've got P90X on order. Should be here by the 30th. Just in time for me to make that silly old resolution to get into shape.

It was a great Christmas this year and I'm thankful for the blessings in my life. We squeezed in some tobogganing, some eating and drinking and a whole lot of looking at, paying attention to and listening to the ones I care about. Even though I did receive presents this year, I did focus more on the people in my life more than I ever have at Christmas. When I think about it, Christmas is about the greatest present ever given, the gift of Jesus Christ, so getting a few gifts isn't all that bad.

I hope you all were able to enjoy the beauty of the season, and the ones you loved this past Christmas. I sure did.


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Scott Loveless said...

That is, by far, the best Christmas dinner tradition ever!