Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Quiet Rides

With most folks around here not working this week, the ride to the office was nice. Down right dead.
We've finally got some decent conditions here, and the paths have for the most part been plowed. Still not enough room for a bike and car on many of the roads that I need to ride, but today that wasn't a huge problem. Most days, there'll be a line up behind me of angry motorists not wanting to be stuck behind a bicycle. For that reason I haven't been riding much lately.
deep snow on the sides of the roads
Today I figured it would be dead, and a safe option for the bike. Nice to get out and ride in the sunshine.

I keep to the side and gravel roads to avoid the busyness. Riding just on the outskirts of town.


Hughie said...

You're using Snow Studs on "Soots" right? How do you find them in the snow like that?

I took my first ride on my winter beater yesterday, it still has cheap crappy tire mtb tires on it and the rolling resistance was brutal.

I have an 18km commute each way and was going to get ice spikers but I'm contemplating getting snow studs or the newer shwalbe marathons for my winter riding. I think Ice Spikers would be too hard to ride 18km each way.

Anyways...how are they?

Jerome said...

yeah I'm running the snow studs. They're pretty good. This morning when I went to work, it was -3 and the tires were doing a fine job. When I left for home this evening, it was -11 and I was all over the place. This is on constant snow pack and ice though. In the warmer temps, the mild studding is enough to bite into the surface as it's not too hard. But, in the colder temps, they really struggle, and riding again becomes a granny gear, have both feet at the ready to break the fall. Much of that is just because the snow pack is so heavily rutted around town. Literally ruts that are 8" deep are common. When you're in and out of those, it's dicey.

I think you're right, the spikers will be a lot of work for 18kms. The Marathon Winters would be my choice. From what I understand, Schwalbe isn't making the snow stud anymore. It's a decent tire, and if you've got long distances, the rolling resistance isn't too terrible. But, for my little 3 mile commute, I would stand for some hard core bite. I cam push hard for the 10 minutes it might take in the worse conditions.

When I finally get around to finishing off my home made studded tires, I'm sure they'll be a lot of work pushing , but I don't think I'd find better traction in any other tire.