Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Xtra recycling

After cleaning the basement, and doing some re-organizing of my creative space (the basement is where I edit photos, blog, and mess around with different studio lighting equipment) I needed to get out for some fresh air.

We had been saving up our corrugated cardboard for a while to take to the local recycling facility. Feeling the need for a little ride in the nice warm weather we're having, might as well do some chores at the same time huh?
The Xtracycle is such and enabler. Prior to having it, I'd most likely have to drive a car to the recycling yard. Now, a large (this time light) load isn't an issue. Having this bike around is so handy, and gets me out on the bike more. I love that about it.


coastkid said...

great use of that bike to recycle,
makes the job alot more sense than using the car,well done!

Jerome said...

Thanks. Fancy that, I was commenting on your blog, while you were commenting on mine. Small world :)