Friday, December 31, 2010

Bringing in the New Year

Seems to be a growing tradition for New Years Eve. Again, we find ourselves at the Condo in Fernie. I love it here. The temptation to move here grows and grows with every return we make. Fernie has a really great feel to it. Lot's of young families (almost all of them being very active and into outdoor activities) the usual ski-town mix of young Aussies, Kiwis and a few Europeans, and of course Fernie has it's share of Canadians visiting from their homes a few hours away. It makes for a friendly mix of strangers who all seem to be pleased to be here, and act as though they're enjoying themselves. This type of company feels good.

Tomorrow we're renting nordic skis for the whole family (I brought my along) and we're going to check out the trails that have been groomed at the Fernie Golf Course. We drove by yesterday, and there are lot's of families out skiing. Looks like some great trails that should be easy enough for small children. I'm stoked about it.

Whenever I come to Fernie, I'm always amazed at the number and interestingness of the bicycles seen around this town. I've always thought it would be cool to start photographing all of the bikes that I see here in Fernie, and create a collection to share. Bikes of Fernie. I finally started doing that, and yesterday got a few frames of some bikes. I'll be putting a post together of all the bikes seen this trip, when we're done here.

I hope you and yours have a very wonderful New Year, and make it something better than last year. For you, and everyone you know.




Apertome said...

It looks like a beautiful place. I'm looking forward to the bike shots!

Pondero said...

Sounds like a positive place, and I'm glad you are enjoying it. And who better to bring us photos of the bikes of Fernie than you? Bring 'em!

sminch said...

I third that. Happy New Year!