Saturday, January 01, 2011

Ski Fernie (nordic style)

We had an incredible time on the cross country trails at the Fernie Golf Course today. We weren't able to find any ski rentals for the kids, but we did pick up a set for my sweet wife to try. Good news, she loves it!

I guess we're now in the hunt for some kids nordic skis and a set for my wife. Also looking to pick up the cross country ski attachment for our Chariot so our youngest can come along too.

Being as we weren't able to find skis for the kids, Steph and I took turns between doing a few laps on the trails, and tobogganing with with the kids. Win/win!
For the last hour, Steph cruised on the skis, and I walked with the kids around the trails. They love getting out in winter and being able to just slowly toodle around at their own pace. After I gave each of the boys one of my ski poles, and they became "arctic explorers". Even started a dialog between each other to further the adventure. It was awesome to see.
Even my little girlie-girl lasted for 3 hours in the -17C (1.4F) temp. She had a blast.
It's days like today that make me so thankful to live in a country that affords adventures like this. There are some things about a cold nasty winter that I don't love; but then, there's days like this. Love the winter time!


Pondero said...

Keep those family investments going. They'll payoff with even greater rewards in the future.

Apertome said...

Beautiful scenery! Looks like a great time for the whole family. I was exposed to skiing as a kid and I'm convinced that that helps me enjoy winter, to this day.

Jerome said...

Chris, indeed. They pay off right now. Every night, after they're asleep, I miss them and I'm glad for the time we did spend together during the day.

Micheal, Great time for sure. No, it was awesome. I think you're bang on with the exposing kids early. Seeing as we don't have a TV in our home, the boys especially get stir-crazy when couped up inside. In the winter, it only takes a bit more clothing. :)