Saturday, December 18, 2010

What a difference those studs make

For the type of snow that we usually have around here, I think the Schwalbe snow studs are an excellent tire. Their design is self cleaning, and even when riding in mud, the treads free themselves of junk by the time they're ready to bite back down into the ground.

When I drop the air pressure down to about 30 PSI, like i did yesterday, I can get really nice bite from the studs. Even in 4-6" deep ice ruts that we have at some of the intersections, the tires hold their course for the most part. Pump them up to 45 PSI, and the studs almost don't touch the surface for when the roads are clear.

Now they're aren't overly large tires, which makes deep fresh powder a challenge for them, but for commute type riding, and running errands on city streets, these are an excellent tire.

It feels good to be back riding in traffic again, and not worrying about losing traction. Lots of looks of amazement (or insanity) from the motorists.

Ride yer bike.

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