Monday, February 07, 2011

Downhill Skiing

Last Thursday, a buddy Brad and I took the day off for some downhill skiing. We met a bunch of other friends at the hill, Mt. Norquay, and ripped hard all day long. It was a busy day at the hill, so we skied most of the day on the North American Chair. It services double black diamond runs, which were amazing. Not very busy, super steep and lots of powder. We rode hard all day long, and by the end of the day, our legs were mush. A good day on the slopes indeed.

I've only downhill skied once in the last 17 years prior to this trip. I started skiing when I was 4 and switched to snowboarding when I was 14. I decided to go back to the skis because teaching kids to ski when you're on a board is way more difficult than when you're on skis. Oddly though, I haven't skied with the kids yet (other than watch them while they're in lessons). After my 15 year hiatus, the old grove of skiing comes back fairly quickly.

I feel so lucky living 1.5 hrs from this
Brad and I were bush-whacking, and all of a sudden he disappeared. He didn't see this 25' drop in time. no injuries though:) (he right below my ski tips - 25' down)
view from the top of the North American Chair
here's a little video of a few of my attempts at jumping

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Apertome said...

That looks incredible! Wow, the scenery is so beautiful. Lucky indeed.