Thursday, February 10, 2011


It's been a hard winter this year. All of those "bad parts of winter" seem to have happened to me this year.
  • I was stranded in a small town I was shooting a wedding in with now way to get home, had to spend the night. I was only 30kms from my house.
  • A few days later I hit black ice while driving and wound up in the ditch.
  • And this week, the furnace in our Rockyford house quit. The pipes burst. And we had some flooding.
Seriously, what's up?! Most winters are so-so, some cold, some snow but nothing major. This year it's been intense. I've got 7 feet of snow piled up on the front lawn.

There is a part of me that loves this weather though. Some years we'll get a little snow, but mostly just brown dead grass and muddy roads to stare at. This year has been white. And white is nice to look at. We seem to get a nasty cold front bringing temps in the minus twenties, followed by a few days of above freezing. Cycled on and off, over and over.

Right now I'm spending my days driving out to Rockyford, checking on how the dehumidifier is doing it's job, driving back and going about my typical business. Rockyford is a house that we used to live in, and then rented out as when we bought our new house in Strathmore. We haven't had tenants in it since August, and as such, no one noticed the temperature going down inside as the furnace was dying. And, snap. There goes a water line.

On the upside though, this winter has been one that I've been outside more than any other. With my new found interest in nordic skiing, some warm days for cycling and running, I've been outside in the beautiful winter a lot. And by beautiful, I mean gorgeous. This year has brought more picturesque scenes of perfectly smooth snow covered fields and tress that are all white with snow than any winter in recent memory. It's amazing. It's funny how a winter can bring the worst and the best of it's season all at the same time.

My direction: forget about the minor inconveniences of winter and focus on the awesomeness of this season. Winter, I'll take it!

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Apertome said...

Great post. I always enjoy winter, at least for a while, then around this time I start getting tired of it. This year we've had a harsh winter too, not by your standards of course, but worse than we are accustomed to. I enjoyed it for a while, but I've had enough now. Of course, being sick is putting a damper on the fun, too.

I'm glad you're able to get out and enjoy winter so often.