Saturday, February 11, 2012

Moustache Grower's Guide | Movember Edition

I finally received my Movember Platinum club reward. I was sure our mail lady must have stolen it. Seeing as it was a surprise, I didn't know what to accuse her of stealing, but I suppose I just needed to be a little more patient.

The wait is over, and now as a member of the MOVEMBER platinum club, I've got a Moustache Growers Guild! Yes, exciting stuff. I also receive a certificate welcoming me to the prestigious league of hairy upper-lipped men. Ah indeed. Prestigious.

I'm perusing the guide, reading the growing instructions and putting my MOVEMBER game plan together for next year. 'Stache just got serious.


Pondero said...

Oh. Here I thought it was simply a matter of not shaving. All of the sudden, I feel quite uninformed (and curious).

Jerome said...

That's what I had thought too. Until I got caught up in this whole Movember thingy.