Saturday, February 25, 2012

family vacation | PHX edition

Not much on the schedule, just chillen and enjoying being a family. There is no agenda when we get up in the morning. Just kind of see what looks like fun for the day. It could end up being live music, golf, shopping, hiking, swimming, a great new restaurant or some good home cooking. It could be a combination of all of them. The sun is shining and warm, and it's cold and snowy at home. It's just started, but it's already been so good:) Here's a photo-bomb of the first 24hrs.

my princess, my traveling buddy
 obligatory "from the plane" photo
 some airline connections made this possible for my boys.
 1st stop in PHX: In 'n Out burger. it's a tradition.
 2nd stop: grocery store and I made fish tacos. one of the few things I actually cook.

 my dad and I took my boys to their first ever dirt track race. reminds me of my first one in Montana when I was a kid.
 rip-snorting around in the back of a golf cart
 already had several visits to the spa
 a nice pool facility to have to ourselves (locals don't swim here this time of year, only crazy Canadians)
 eating dinner at sunset overlooking the 13th hole.

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Pat S said...

I always really enjoy checking out photos. Great stuff.