Tuesday, March 06, 2012

PHX vacation | the rest

It's funny how sometimes you don't realize you needed a vacation until you're on one. I had that realization again when we were in Phoenix for a week visiting my parents. It was a great, relaxing time. It's good to be home and back in the swing of things, but looking back at some of the pics I took, I'm kind of missing the place.

The bat-mobile as my kids call it. Got to rip our in my folks SL550 6.2L a few times. fun.
 Ate heaps of great food
 My one agenda item was to hit up a shooting range. Check.
 They don't get it from me, but my boys love golfing

 San Tan Flats. A one of a kind dinning experience.
 My oldest, my youngest and me. Sans hair
 My dad and I took the boys hiking. My kinda thing.

 More good food
 Flames game. they won!

 a few "toys" i picked up from the flea market
 Finished off our stay the way we started it, a good home cooked meal.

Well refreshed and ready to get back to regular life. Life is Good.

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