Friday, April 13, 2012

XJ650 update

I've been able to put a little time into my XJ650 project bike lately and it feels good to see some progress. I've sorted out, updated and modified some of the electrical on the bike. Swapped out switches, relocated various electrical components to cleaned up the aesthetic of the bike and removed a few unnecessary electrical components altogether. The rest of the electrical will have to wait until I re-assemble the bike after paint.

I've got everything removed from the engine and it's ready for removal. I'll give it a good clean and polish before re-installing, but won't be touching the engine other than that. It's pretty strong, and I'm not looking to make a performance bike, just a better looking one.

Next step with be a lot of cutting on the frame. I'm removing the tail section, and then let loose on it with an angle grinder to rid all the ugly brackets, tabs and such that I no longer need. It'll be a lot cleaner looking when it's all done.

Wrenching on a motorcycle is very much like wrenching on a bicycle. It's almost a form of therapy when you don't feel like you even need therapy.

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Jon said...

Keep it coming. I love seeing bikes in progress, whether push-bikes or motorbikes.

I have a bit of work upcoming on my Scrambler, but I need to buy a lift before I can get started...