Friday, November 24, 2006

Studded Bike Tires

Well, I was able to get my studded winter tires on my bike and do they ever work well.

Today it was -17C when I headed out the door with my bike, on my way to work. I was amazed at how well the tire gripped the ice and snow. The street that I live on is well covered with packed snow and some icy spots, and these babies didn't let it show. I wasn't pushing them too hard, but I wasn't taking it easy either. A far cry from my crashing yesterday and resorting to driving my truck.

I put these on my commuter trek and I think they will stay there.

I picked these us at Mountain Equipment Co-op in Calgary for $55.00. I figure that if I was going to try to ride my bike to work as much as possible, these would be vital. If the road clear up and I want a faster running bike, I jump on the fixie or any other of my 7 bikes. I was amazed though at how fast these tires do roll. Another thing that I like about them is that the side walls have a reflective ring around them. Nice when it's to work and back in the dark at this time of year.
Front Before

Front After

Rear Before

Rear After

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