Friday, March 30, 2007

Fixie Fixation

Beautiful ride to work today. I didn’t ride yesterday because I hate the wind. It was very windy. I got to work yesterday and the gent who’s office is beside mine says, “no bike? It’s only -4 out there.” I know, I’m a wussy when it comes to wind. I just don’t like it.

Today was another story. Calm, -2 C, fantastically refreshing and crisp. No better way to wake up! I even think it’s better than running.

Thought I'd take a picture of this steeple that I pass everyday.

Back to the fixie fix. My 2nd fixie is up on FGG! I’ve posted the pics here before and now they are up for more folks to check out. Those of you who don’t check it out every day, you would be glad if you did. Great pictures of all different types of bikes (or all different types of fixed gear bikes anyway). Warning though: you may just get bit by the fixie bug! That’s what happened to me and now I’ve got two of them. If you’ve ever ridden a fixie, you probably know how fun they are, for their simplicity and efficiency. It’s hard to describe, but this fixie here is my all time favorite bike! Free frame, $500.00 wheels, free everything else, sweet, sweet steely smooth ride. Love it!


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