Friday, March 09, 2007

Rocken Out for the weekend!

Well, I figured that I may as well take advantage of the dry roads and good weather so I pulled out the Rockabilly Boogy. I was thinking of my Allez Comp, but I'd hate to get the drive train all dirty with the dust and all that crap.

This bike is definitely not fast, but it is fun! Very comfy too. It's got a 3 speed nexus internal hub which does okay. The thing with this bike is that it's just so cool to ride nice and slow and let everyone check out yours wheels. I don't even wear a helmet with this bike, but oh well. It would ruin the whole look. Riding a bike like this with a helmet is like wearing rubber farm boots with a designer suit. Some things just don't work together.

You gotta love those 3 inch fatti-o tires .

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