Tuesday, June 26, 2007


That's what I did on the way to work this morning. Wind sucks! I hate it! Unless of course it's a nifty little tail wind pushing you along. I headed out and thought about turning around several times right away. I thought, no, I better give it a bit more of a chance. After I made the turn onto 564 west, the headwind sealed the deal and I turned around.
I'm not trying to be a hero or prove a point. I just like riding my bike. If there's a point when riding a bike isn't fun, why do it? The wind howling in my ears, struggling for 10 mph. I ended up riding about 7 miles altogether, so hey, I got a ride in today. What's more, the way home I obviously had a nice tail wind, so it was a great way to end.


Jeff said...

I don't blame you. Like I've mentioned before, we've had some very strong afternoon winds here. In addition to the annoyance, there's a bit of a safety issue here too, since the route is along the shoulder of HWY 395. Getting blown into traffic or having a truck with trailer get blown into me are some of the things I worry about.

Jerome said...

Woaw, that doesn't sound cool. I've heard that ususally a cyclist will loose in a battle with a truck and trailer. I guess I'm lucky that way...I think there's maybe 20 vehicles that pass me on my 26 mile trip. I've gone 10 miles without seeing a single vehicle. As if that doesn't rock!

Doug said...

I've been wondering if you get wind like this after seeing some of your pictures. I went to college in central Illinois. There was nothing but cornfields for 150 miles in every direction. I've experienced the wind you had today. I'd turn around too!