Friday, August 17, 2007

Once again, Thanks Vik!!

Last post sharing that name was just before buying my Volae. No I didn't buy another bike from Vik but he hooked me up with some great accessories.

I was still looking for a hauling solution for my commutes. Often I need to take a change of clothes and lunch with me, not to mention to minimum maintenance requirements. I tried several different setups, but wasn't quite happy with them and knew I wasn't done experimenting.

I posted on BROL, and Vik saw my post and came to the rescue. He gave me a great deal on a Hostel Shoppe Euro seat bag he wasn't using, and then started thowing in extras! Lake SPD sandals, Volae T-bar light mount, Volae kickstand adaptor with kickstand do-hicky and a even a kick-stand for it. Vik, I truly appreciate you generosity. Many thanks!

The great thing I've found with the Euro seat bag is that is simply slides over the hard-shell seat and slide off again. Every other option I've tried was not easily removed from the bike so I ended up having to unload everything from the bike, and then clumsily climb the stairs to my office hoping my underwear didn't fall down. This bag has a handle on the top and simply grab it, and off you go. Great option for if you have to leave the bike locked up and run in for a few groceries. I must say I really like this bag.

The T-bar light mount works really well also. Now in the mornings I do need to use a headlight to be seen, but even to see. This works the same as a threaded headset stem, but it mounts in the derailleur tube up front keeping the head light out of your field of view. Very nice.

I need to pick up some SPD cleats and install them on the sandals. Many bents riders it seems are big on the sandals, and why not? When it's 30 C outside, it sure would be nice to put some tan lines on and keep as cool as possible. Can't wait to give them a try.

The above picture gives you an idea of the lighting I'm now running in the back. I seemed like only a few days ago when I didn't need any lights on my bike. The Planet Bike super-flash is amazing! it's got a .5 watt strobe that is very effective. The two others were on clearance from a sporting goods shop that was going out of business. Up front on the handle bars I've got a planet bike front LED headlight. Not much of a headlight, but it has a blinky mode which is all I use it for. Seems to be pretty good. The headlight I'm back to using is one that my wife bought me for Christmas 2 years ago and it's a very well made light. It's a 15, 12 and 9 watt light with varying battery life per light setting you choose. 15 watts will give about 1.5-2hours. 9 watts I've had last as long as 5 hours of use. The smart charge battery is nice because you don't have to worry about over charging. I've used this light in -37C once for 45 minutes and it's flawless. I can't say enough good about this light. The batter pack slides into a bottle holder, or can simply Velcro to the bike.

All in all I think this bike is getting dialed for where I want it to be. I'll be installing the fenders again shortly and probably switch back to the wider continental tires, but for now I'm enjoying the 'performance' setup.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, are you one of those westerner wimps I keep reading about. Kidding don't turn off the oil/gas please. (I lived in Edmonton when the signs said, "let those eastern bastards freeze"). Okay about the sandals, in the winter a tip I picked up, not for SPD use though. I drive a yellow school bus, and wear sandals in NEOS over boots to get to work and drive the bus. I just add layers of socks as it gets later in the year and colder. As for the the PB super led, if you do not appreciate the super white colour band. You can do like builder2 (from BROL) showed me. Take a Sharpie of your favourite colour and cover the white band. For my red Rocket I used red and for my blueish Strada I used a ...

PS a lot of help can be had at, we are late night easteners. :-)