Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bikes at work

There are 6 bikes at work right now, 3 of which are mine. We are now up to 4 and sometimes 5 people here who regularly commute by bike. Cool.

My Xtra: stays at work for errands My Volae: Left it here. it's either my car or this bike here all the time. I ride one home, ride back to work and switch, or something like that. Varies week by week.
My pink bike, beer bike. For lunch time trail rides and Tim Hortons runs. When I left it at home it was for beer runs, however I'm not allowed to drink beer at work, so it's no longer used for that. It still has a beer sticker though.
Ken's vintage Kuahara. Actually a nice little bike. In the summer time he either rides this or his horse. Seriously. Murphy, his horse had been a commuter a time or two. Deep secret: I've ridden his horse to work a few times myself. I like bikes better. Especially crossing the #1 highway.
Ian's Gazzelle. His father in law brought this over from Holland, rode Vancouver to Calgary and left it here for Ian. It's for days when he's feeling racy. His other bike is a heavier, older touring bike. This is one bike I wish I owned.
Terri's bike. She decided to leave it here today for errands.

I've got to leave some of my bikes here at work, as I've got a garage full at home too. I think there are 7 bikes hanging in my garage. 5 are mine and 2 are my wife's. My boys each have a bike and I've got 4 project bikes waiting behind the shed. I've got a bike problem and I love it.

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