Thursday, June 26, 2008


Rode the Sequoia this morning. Legs flat as a Balini (inside joke from my days in Moscow) and had absolutely nothing to work with up the hills. That is, except for the granny gear. I like the down tube shifters because as pointed out by Fxdwhl, they are just hard enough to reach that it makes you think twice about shifting. Do I really need to? Can I push this gear, or spin it out until the road levels or inclines? For a fixed gear lover, down tubes are kind of nice. Even though I rode the granny a few times, and stopped for some pics, I make it in 1hr, 37 minutes. Average speed was 15mph. A lot faster than I had thought I would made it in. I was sure it was going to take me over 2hrs today.

The Sequoia is so smooth, it’s amazing. I think I need to order up a Nitto Techomic stem and while I’m at it, I’ve been eyeing a Nitto Noodle bar. I think this should make things better. Maybe it’s just that I’m spoiled from riding the Volae so much, but I really notice my neck craning to see the road ahead. My cycling cap under my helmet doesn’t help, but it sure looks good. Can’t let that go.
My lower body is dialed in on this bike; I think I just need to get those bars up a bit. I hope so. The B-17 is feeling better each time I ride it, and with about 250 miles on it, it’s nicely broken in now. Got some weird coloration going on though. I guess that part of what makes them so cool; they all look a little different over time.

Saw 9 people I know on the highways today. 3 honked and waived, the rest just waived. Passed by a whole bunch of Conklin semis hauling the rides in for Stampede, or Supide as per Vik.

Nice post by Smudgemo on commuting.

BTW: a Balini is a type of pancake that doesn't rise. Very similar to a crepe. There you go, you learned something today. Now go have fun......on your bike.


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Smudgemo said...

Thanks, Jerome. I like your Specialized a lot, and think it's an awesome commuter. I hadn't thought about downtube shifters in that way, but I'm somewhat keen on the idea of getting a set. I've got a set of barcons that I'm going to switch my commuter to when I get some time to take it all apart and do a real clean-up. I was a little worried that I'd not care for them for commuting, but I think you've assuaged my fears.