Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well the Volae is getting faster and faster all the time. Last night I rode home with a nice tail wind. I did the 26 mile commute in 1hr 6minutes and 34 seconds! That's an average speed of 23.6mph or 38kph. Wound up to 46mph (73kph) on one downhill. Fast fast fast. Got a little scared as I was riding without a shirt to soak up the sun. Feeling naked on a fast moving bike is great. The wind certainly helped. Add to that the fact that my home is 500ft lower than my work making it a mostly down hill ride. My previous fastest time was earlier this year on my Allez, which was 1hr and 15 min. The Volae is certainly holding it's own to the diamond frames in my stable. I'm really enjoying that bike again.

Volae at Canal this morning

Rode in to work today at 1hr, 36minutes. Still not too bad for 26 miles. My legs are feeling pretty shot right now though. I've got my car at work and I think I'll drive home tonight, to work tomorrow morning and then ride home tomorrow afternoon.

I've been jonesing to ride the fixie lately so maybe that'll take me home tomorrow.



rigtenzin said...

I've wanted to try one of those big-wheeled recumbents. I have a Tour Easy and don't admit to riding it much.

Jerome said...

They're pretty darn nice to ride. Fast too. I've only ever tried this bent and two of Vik's other Challenge bikes. Those Challenge bents are really fast feeling. I think it's becouse you're so low to the ground. I also like to keep my seat as close to laying down as possible. It too makes me feel fast. zoom zoom.