Friday, September 12, 2008

This time, no dog

I tried taking this picture on Tuesday when I rode to work. I pulled over, just started fiddling to get my camera out, and I heard a dog from a house near by barking at me. Looked to see he was also running at me.
So, I shut my panniers, jumped on the bike and started pedaling my arse off. I kept checking back, and to my surprise, the dumb mutt didn't stop at the drive entrance. He continued down the high way after me. I was obviously putting distance between us, but I bet that dog ran for a good half a mile. I was pissed. I hate having to hammer for no reason, and I wanted that picture.
The light wasn't the same, and on Tuesday there were more clouds that looked incredible. But today I pulled my car over on the side of the highway and took the above pic. If the dog was going to come at me again, I would roll up the windows and wave some of my lunch in it's face. I am a dog person, but I hate dumb dogs. Based on him running after me in the middle of highway 21, I'd be surprised if he lasts long.

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sean marcel said...

Good story man, still a good picture in my opinion, regardless of interference by dog. Ya I went with the Brompton, the folks at Red Bike here in Edmonton convinced me that unless I could afford a Moulton that Brompton was my best bet, 16 inch wheels like all Bromptons.