Friday, September 12, 2008

Salsa Fargo

Looks like an interesting bike doesn't it? 6 bottle braze-ons. 700 X 35 road touring tires or 29" X 2.3" off-road meats. Makes choosing a new bike harder that's for sure.
6 water bottle braze-ons and disc brakes! Wow, I like where some people in the industry are going.

Available February 2009. Hey, my birthday is in February.....


GNAT said...

Jerome, thanks for the shout out here and for the comment on my blog.

Good stuff here. Love the morning photo you posted after the Fargo post.

Anyway, keep it up. I'll be checking back.

Oh...and frames will be available before February. Maybe Santa will bring one.

Montreal Cycliste said...

great looking bike would make for an awesome commuter bike during the week. My only question is how do you get the water bottle out of the top cage?

Doug said...

Darn you Jerome, darn you Salsa! I...don'

GNAT said...

Monteal Cycliste.

First, it depends on your size. If you are riding the Small Fargo, it does not have the upper mount.

On the Medium, the upper is pretty tight. I have no issue when running an adjustable height water bottle cage like the Velocity or American Classic. You also can't use a large bottle in the upper forward position.

On Large - XXL, no problems.

If you haven't viewed the slide show at you should. You will see a few pictures with the water bottle in the upper position.