Thursday, December 18, 2008

Good Press Coverage

Not for this humble little bloggy, but for the 12hrs blog.

I received an email from Graham asking to be a contributor to the blog. He said that he came across it via the Surly Blog. What??? Surly Blog? I have to check this out for my self. Sure enough, they posted a link to the 12hrs site. "Sort of like watching a home movie, it's mundane and intriguing at the same time." - They Suly Blog, December 15th 2008.

Wow, that's almost mainstream press coverage if you ask me. From the cycling stand point, it is.

Also a little coverage from Ecovelo.

12hrs site is getting upwards of 250 different visitors per day. Wow. Even spawned some similar projects. Like this one in particular.

Maybe we'll keep adding people and just keep going with it. It is fun, and if we get a higher number of contributors, even with a low percentage of participation, there will be more posts per project.

If you want in, let me know.


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Anonymous said...

Jerome, very cool. I was on an airplane flying back from Asia the day of the last one. Please keep me in the loop for the next one. I'd really like to participate.