Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last night in Rockyford

Last night was our last night in Rockyford. We aren’t actually moving into our new house until next week, but I’ve got a bathroom that I need to renovate before our tenants move in, so we’re camping in our RV at my in-laws. The boys will have fun, and I’ll be able to make all the mess I need without making the family live in a construction zone.

So, being as it was the last night we would spend in Rockyford, we decided to head to the park, and then a walk around town. I brought my camera.

First, a healthy dose of playing at two of the parks in town.
Then, walked around and talk with others who were doing the same.

We checked out the fire trucks that were being serviced.

Then we came to a building that I’d wanted to shoot ever since we moved to Rockyford. I think it was a service station at one time. While I didn’t have my tripod (which would have made for many more possibilities) I was able to shoot some photos in the varying light conditions inside the building.
This was a great place to shoot. So many great compositions to be had. I could have spent hours shooting inside there, instead, the kids played outside for the 10 minutes I was inside. Some of the rooms were so dark that I couldn’t possibly get any photos without a tripod. If I had my tripod, there would have been so much more. Oh well, it’s good to be forced into being creative with what lighting and subjects you have on hand.
I love old broken down objects.
When I was shooting this, I wondered how many different cars it had filled up.
The restroom was out of service.
The fire extinguisher was gone, but the fire exit still worked, so, I left though it.
I'd love to come back to this building with a tripod and some flashlights. The outside light was still quite bright. I think the next time I come, I want to come right before dusk. With a tripod, you could get some more dramatic shots with dying light. Then, highlight certain areas with various flash light setups.
In playing around with simple flashlights, it's amazing how practical they can actually be in photography. Especially in shooting old buildings such as this one. Just get creative with how you use your light. Bounce it, defuse it, hide it. You name it. Just be creative and try using common household objects.

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