Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My bike saved my Brain

After fixating my eyes on far too many spreadsheets and word docs, I needed a little reprieve this afternoon. I didn’t take a lunch break and I was at the point of being done.

I dusted off the ole basket bike, and figured I’d time how long my new commute will take me. 8 minutes on the basket bike. I was tempted to go into the new house (they’re just putting the finishing touches on and we should be doing our walk through next Tuesday) but I opted to wait for a surprise. I actually peaked in the windows last night after we grabbed some groceries.

I had a check to deposit, so I did a little drive thru banking.
All the roads are familiar old running roads for me, and some of my favorite places in Strathmore are right on my new commute route. I stopped to take a picture of the basket bike on the dock at the Kinsmen lake. Far different scene than when I was riding the studded monster around just several months ago.

Speaking of the studded monster. I de-studded those tires when we were packing up our basement over the weekend. The screws do indeed have tremendous traction, but they simply stick out too far. The rolling resistance is huge. I suppose if I was only on glare ice, I might not mind too much. But when you have to ride to and from the lake that you want to shred, it sucks. I’m thinking a schwalbe ice-spiker would be a better option if I wanted to keep on ice riding. For now, I’m going to focus on the great summer commuting season ahead of me.
Still getting a kick out of time lapse photography.

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