Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Siggs Arrive!

I received my little care package from Sigg while I was in South America.

The wide mouth looks very interesting. I live the idea of being able to add ice, and it should also be easier for mixing up energy drinks and whatnot.

The middle is the same classic Sigg style, the same as the one that was in question.

And, a new sport bottle that will fit into cycling water bottle cages.

I also received some cleaning tablets and a cleaning brush. The big thing I noticed is that the cardboard rings on the top of the bottles now say that they are dishwasher safe. When I bought my other Siggs, it came with recommendation to not use the dishwasher. This obviously was quite inconvenient, and I'm not sure if they now use a different lining making them dishwasher safe, or if testing has proved them to indeed be dishwasher safe. Either way, this alone should make a huge difference in using the Sigg water bottle.

Now, I just need to get off my but (I do have the excuse that I've been out of the continent though) and get mine sent in for testing. I'll keep ya posted.


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