Monday, July 19, 2010


Yesterday, I seriously needed a breathe of fresh air. Had a perfectly nice person waste an hour of my life, chit-chatting, while I had a huge to-do list that wasn't being overcome. The whole day was like that. Lots to do, but somehow, nothing getting done. Time waster here, time waster there, everywhere a time waster. Not or lack of trying either.

After said person finally let me go (after telling me of her childhood vacations, past houses, children that have moved on and countless other details of her life) I was in a foul mood. I'd never met this person in my life. And somehow we're good to chat for an hour? While I've got things to do? Fuming at this point.

My sweet wife, knowing what's best for me, suggested I head out for a little bike ride. While my to do list was bursting, and nothing for the day had diminished it, I did agree. Going for a ride was probably the most productive thing I could do at that point.
So, I threw my old 20D around my neck, checked the pressure of the LHT tires and headed out. Nowhere in mind, but hard on the pedals. Hard on them with thoughts of piss and vinegar. Thoughts of how I'd just lost an hour of my life I'll never get back. Thoughts of how such a person has no idea of how rude that was and how detrimental it was to my business. All for what? Chit chat? I pedalled harder.
My route started routine, and I was cruising the gravel in no time. My favourite roads were unraveling before me, winding here and there with their graceful flow, but all I could think about was this horrific person (criminal by this time in my mind) who wanted to babble on for what seamed like forever about nothing that I cared, or ever would care about. By this point, I think it was adversely affecting my health, and taking a toll on my heart and veins.

I continued in the building rage.
The effect of your favourite gravel route and irrigation canal can have a very powerful, honing effect on ones attitude. I slowly was feeling more relaxed. I'd have to make myself get angry again out this incident and remember how angry I was. And I'd seem to have to do it again and again.
Then, all of a sudden, I realized, who cares? I've still got a huge list of things to do, much of which I can contemplate out here, on this great gravel route, while doing one of my favourite things. I realized how much of my time and energy I'd wasted in anger about a silly little situation. I reminded myself again that I indeed can't control everything, nor would it be good if I could. I could never handle such a task. People are people and people are different. This gal was a different flavour than I'd ever met, but she was still a person. She is still important. If she want's to tell me her childhood vacations, issues she's having with her builder, or the details of her life, I should just sit back, enjoy it and remember that indeed, she's a person too. This may not have been on my agenda for today, but, it is now and if it's made it's way into my daily schedule, I must treat it as important, and realize that indeed, sometimes you just need to let other people's agenda's have a little affect on your day.
I'm not saying that you can be loose with your time. Hardly at all. I'm the guy who just doesn't ever answer the phone, because I'm in the middle of something. I protect my time like it's going to save my life. I don't let others waste a second of it. But today, I realized again, people need to come before our "to-do" lists.



Hughie said...

I had a similar ride the other day. Stayed late at work because I had so much to do and because of a string of set-backs ended up getting nothing done. Got home and left the house at 10pm, ended up going for a 50km ride. lol

the first 15 every hill I stood up and went crazy like I was trying to keep my lead in the tour de france. haha

But at the end, I felt much better

Apertome said...

We all have rough days at times ... glad your ride helped you feel better. Love the photos!

Pondero said...

Some days are like that. It's good to have an effective remedy.