Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Winter cometh

I had my first ride in the snow yesterday. I had planned on picking my son up from school and taking him for lunch in the car, but I left the keys in the Van, and my wife was in Calgary for a few hours. Kind of a happy accident. Warm headgear, gloves and go.I'm pretty sure I'm instantly a "cool dad" with all the school kids when I take my son to or pick him up from school on Soots. All the kids come up and are all like, "oh, that's so cool, sweet!" My son just grins.
Did a little riding around the park to avoid construction on the way home. Without the studded tires on, and no weight on the back of the Xtra, it's a whole lot of slip and slide. But a whole lot of fun too.
I'm so stoked to get in winter riding mode. The invigoration that comes from the icy air is like none other. I'll be shodding the wheels with studded tires soon and then, bring on the cold n' nasties!
(not much traction offered in snow)


Jerome said...

Ah crap! Sorry Doug, I deleted your comment from my email accidentally and can't get it back. Sorry about that.

Listening to MPR's the Current, I do follow your weather closely, and was thinking of you when they were talking about it. Sounds like some crazy wind coming too!


Apertome said...

Can't believe you've had snow already. I am not ready for that yet! It will likely be a while before we get any snow here ...